I lift up my eyes to the hill, from where does my help come? Psalm 121:1

These are words that were often used at the beginning of a worship service in churches in the tradition in which I grew up.

These are words that are coming back to me as I write. “From where does my help come?” “My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1-2)

I know where my help comes from. It comes from Him who made this universe.

When I look up, I can see further. When I look at my problem that I face, I am looking down. The problem with looking down is that I can see no further than my problem. What a problem!

When I look up, I am reminded of God. He holds the solution. I may not be able to see the solution, but at least I have my eyes squarely focused on the One who has the solution.

This seems so simple that it almost seems pointless writing it down. But when we’re facing a problem, sometimes all common sense goes out the window.

We brood. We get down. We worry. We get depressed. It’s a vicious cycle.

We look up. We see God. We have hope. We’re encouraged.

Which do you prefer?

It is a choice. Sometimes it’s a simple choice. Sometimes it’s all we can do to muster up enough energy to get our eyes for two seconds off the situation facing us.

The watchman has to make a choice. He can look up and try to see something in the distance. He may not be able to make it out immediately.

He can look down and see nothing. That’s not going to help him.

Where are your eyes focused? I guarantee you that if you look up, you’ll be able to see farther than if you look down.

Blessings are ours now and in the future if we look up. We will have hope and encouragement and we’ll be able to anticipate what good is coming our way.

Where will you focus your eyes? Up or down?

By Ralph Veenstra