Why is it we approach God as if we need to beg for what our hearts desire most? It may be a desire to meet that special someone, to start a family, to regain full health, to see financial breakthrough. Disappointment and delay can cause us to wrap ourselves in self-protection. We lose heart, forgetting that when we obtain a promise from God, we receive a weapon–one that we need to learn to fight with.

So often we place heart desires ‘on the shelf’ of our prayer lives. If they happen, great. If not, at least we didn’t set ourselves up for more pain. While this way of living may seem safer, it is restricting us. We were created to expect good things, to live passionately and risk greatly. Self-protection is a façade; hopelessness will always serve you a lie. It is in hope that we fully and bravely come alive!

A God of Promise Some of us are promiseless–facing impossible situations with no idea what God says about our circumstances. Others are holding on for dear life to a promise but delayed answers are pushing you into hope deferred. Regardless, promises are a language of God.

God gives mankind over 5000 promises throughout the Bible. This points to a God who loves covenant. Many powerful moves of God are in response to someone reminding God of his promises as an act of intercession. We move his heart when we take him at his word, expecting him to bring his promise to pass in our lives. This is how we wield the weapon of promises.

Praying in Your Promise

  1. Know God’s character. The nature of God is that he is a good father. Any other lens will distort how you pray. It is important not to allow delays or unanswered prayers to build any belief system other than what is true to his nature.
  2. If you don’t have a promise, get one! Have you asked God about your situation? God loves to speak about the things that matter to us. It might be through the lyrics of a song, the beauty of creation, his audible voice, a book you’re reading, the Bible. Ask him. Then wait to hear his promise.
  3. Stay the course holding tight to hope. Don’t allow disappointment to take you out. Dig deep and keep going. Abraham “did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised” (Romans 4:20-21). Expectantly holding onto your promise brings untold glory to God.

God is fully committed to his promises. I wear a solid silver bangle on my wrist. It holds one meaning for me “God is more committed to his promises than I am”. When I begin to feel hopeless I remember who he is that promised, how committed he is and I begin to thank him for my answer before I see it.

Do whatever it is you need to do to believe, but whatever you do, keep believing!

By Lisa Clarke