Are they not all ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation? Hebrews 1:14

As we minister to people, we can expect angels to help us. This is especially true when we minister healing to people. Although I have heard various stories along this line, this was most poignant to me one day. I was paired up with someone who sees in the spirit on a regular basis. I’ve known her well enough and long enough that I trust her judgment when she says she sees an angel.

That day we were standing close to a pole in a room, a supporting pole for the building that we were in. She said there was an angel by the pole. We stood in the vicinity of the pole, as close as we could. Every person that we prayed for that day fell to the ground under the power of the Holy Spirit. In fact, anyone coming near the pole who was receiving prayer for healing would fall to the ground. Many were healed that day.

I saw the effects of the angel standing by the pole. The power of the Holy Spirit was strong near the pole. I saw people fall down under the power of the Holy Spirit. I saw people healed. I did not see the angel. I will not claim that I saw the angel. However, I trust the person who told me she saw the angel. I believe there was an angel present to help us.

Interestingly enough, when I told the story to someone else who also has a track record of seeing in the spirit, she guessed the placement of the angel before I told her. In fact, she said that the angel is often by the pole. Is the angel only there in the room? Are there other angels in the room? I don’t know for sure.

Whether you see in the spirit, whether you see angels sometimes, often or not at all, or whether this is foreign to you, the Bible tells us that angels are “ministering spirits.” If they are ministering spirits, we can expect that they are there to help us, especially if it means bringing people to salvation. Healing is often a wonderful avenue to introduce people to Jesus because who does not want to be healed? Angels are interested in seeing Jesus get his full reward. Let’s partner with them and expect that they are on our side!

There is a wonderful story in the Bible of a prophet named Elisha who prayed for his servant’s eyes to be opened so that he could see the heavenly help that was all around them. Elisha prayed, “O Lord, please open his eyes that he may see” (2 Kings 6:17). May we see what is available to us as well!

By Ralph Veenstra