I don’t know about you, but the word “prophetic” has never had the same meaning in my life. It always depends on the season I am in.

When I started to discern God’s voice, I didn’t believe I was prophetic. I just knew that God liked to talk to me and thought that everyone was able to receive his direction whether you were prophetic or not. I believed prophets existed but I thought they were the only ones who could really discern God’s voice properly with details for the future and for those around them.

The ways God would talk to me were through Scripture, what people said to me, and especially through music. I remember crying on my knees a few times because I knew God was speaking through a song I had just been listening to and He would touch me so deeply!

Then, years later, I discovered at a discipleship school, how to intentionally listen to what God had to say, not only a few times a year, but every single day and not just through other people, the Word or music, but also through pictures and the thoughts in our minds! Before, I had always believed I was thinking about so much for no reason at all!

Because of the fact that hearing God was changing my life and to know this was available to everyone, I started to teach everybody I could around me! It was so exciting!

When I arrived at Bethel for the first year of BSSM, even though I was already trained to prophesy and hear God’s voice, I was still believing lies about myself and about the gifts God had given me. Here at Bethel, everybody prophesied, and we all learned that the prophetic should be used to encourage, edify and comfort people. We also learned that loving people is what matters the most.

To be honest with you, a few months ago I was almost avoiding the prophetic completely because of how much pressure I put on myself and because of how often I would put myself in a box with the prophetic. As a matter of fact, I didn’t realise that so often I expected myself to be prophetic like everyone else instead of being myself and simply loving on people. Because I got a lot of incorrect words of knowledge, I believed that I needed to wait that God would anoint me to be prophetic. I thought it was all to do with what season of life I was in. But you know what? That’s all not true!

My point is that no matter what season you are in, you are unique and you have your own special way of being prophetic! I encourage you to observe how God moves through you and embrace it! Get excited about how God loves people and how He wants to touch them through you. Be creative! What if God wants you to dance, sing, draw, act, build, or maybe cook for you to bless his children in a powerful way? How does He especially talk to you and through you?

By Manon Bauer