In May 2016 I had a very interesting dream. In it Kris Vallotton, prophet of Bethel Church, spoke to me in a basement telling me I had an appointment with him. He handed me keys to a rental car that would get me there and told me I needed to look good. Finally, he gave me the date for the appointment which was 01/17/17 at 17 o’clock.

I knew right away this was a dream to pay attention to. It was very vivid and detailed and I felt a distinguishing weight on it. In some ways it seemed obvious to me what the Lord was saying. About other parts I was more uncertain. Over the next weeks and months I prayerfully considered the dream in my heart, sharing it with a few trusted people who were experienced in dream interpretation.

First thing I knew was that Kris Vallotton represented the prophetic. Prior to the dream I had been offered an opportunity to intern with the prophetic ministry at Bethel church. The rental car seemed to represent a position under the prophetic ministry at Bethel – not my own ministry but so to say a rented one – for a time. I was encouraged and took a first practical step by accepting the invitation. I further discerned that the internship might be an instrumental step in bringing me to an “important appointment“, which would possibly be a place of public ministry (coming out of the hiddenness of the basement, needing to look good).

Since I knew how fragile and sensitive the prophetic can be, I held those things loosely in my heart, cautious not to overinterpret anything the Lord might be saying. Considering the specific date mentioned in the dream, I was unsure if it was merely symbolic or pointing to an actual date.

Then nothing special happened on the 17th, even though I kept my heart and spirit especially open to what the Lord would speak around that time. On the 18th I had a coffee date with another student who was starting a supernatural school in Germany. I didn’t expect anything special from the meeting but as I sat down and we started talking I sensed a holy reverence of God in my heart. I listened intently as he was sharing his story with me and at the end asked me to come and join the school as the prophetic leader. Wow! I was rocked!

After a few weeks of intense prayer, getting to know him and the team, I accepted the position. I am now working as part of the leadership team at the school of revival in Germany, equipping students in a kingdom prophetic lifestyle. What an honor!

Why am I telling you all this? The Lord wants to use our dreams to prepare our hearts and set our focus for the seasons ahead. What has he been saying in your dreams lately? Who are you inviting into this process of discovery?

By Jana Sundermann