Lately, I’ve heard a lot about “double for your trouble.” Most of these accounts concern testimonies of people where the enemy stole from them in some area only to receive back double from the Lord.

I have no such testimony. However, I have noticed this past month that there was a stretch of about 10 days in which my dreams would come in pairs. Sometimes both dreams seemed significant, but more often one seemed more significant than the other. These are two distinct dreams, not examples of one dream morphing into another one. Sometimes I would wake up after having the first one early on in the night and then have another one toward morning. Most of the time I would wake up during this 10-day stretch and distinctly know that I had two dreams. Occasionally, I couldn’t remember one of them, but I still knew that I had had two.

Is it significant that it is happening in 2020? Perhaps. Is it a double portion? Is it 20/20 vision? Or is it an increase of vision during the night? Either way I am paying attention to what God is doing.

I am reminded that Pharaoh had two dreams. That caught his attention. He didn’t know what they meant, but he knew that they were significant.

Why would God give two dreams when he could just give one? Sometimes He has to do something out of the ordinary to get our attention. That’s how dreams started with me. When I was about 30 years old, I had three dreams over the course of three days all at the same time in the morning, about 6:30am to be precise, right before waking. For a person who never had God dreams up until that point in his life, that will do it!

This is the year of dreams. God is increasing our vision during the nighttime. He is giving more significant dreams. He is pouring out His Spirit so that we will dream dreams. Be ready. Be vigilant. Be expectant.

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By Ralph Veenstra