Fifteen years ago my husband and I received prophetic words from people we value. Ready to move on in our spiritual journey, I thought this would happen soon. Within the next couple of years, I remember a couple occasions where I thought this would now be a moment where God could show up and do a miracle to let us see the breakthrough we were waiting for. But it seemed that God had different plans.

We moved to join Bethel Church in Redding for one year. We thought that we’d be equipped after that one year and be ready to move on further in ministry. Again, God had different plans. We’re now here almost 3.5 years. The journey God took us on looked different than what we thought it would. God knows exactly what we need. It’s been a fun time with many “smaller breakthroughs,” not the couple of things we were hoping for, but different – more in-depth ones, the ones God knew we’d needed.

Right now we’re transitioning further in our journey. The time of getting equipped at Bethel Church is coming to an end. We know that God is going to guide us with His eyes and is showing us the path we shall take. In this time of processing our next steps I got anxious, nervous and insecure. From a human perspective it doesn’t make sense to “just wait on the Lord” and do nothing. It’s only a couple more weeks until we would have to know where we’re going to live afterwards, what school our kids are going to be in, and what job we’re going to have to provide for our family. In the midst of this waiting on the Lord, asking for guidance and praying for wisdom, I got a new admiration for Abraham. God told him to leave his family and place of living and to move to a land that God would show him. Abraham followed the voice of the Lord and trusted His guidance – not knowing where he would end up. What a faith-filled and obedient man!

I also got a new empathy for king Saul who was disobedient when Samuel didn’t show up at the time he said he would to bring the sacrifice to the Lord. Saul was facing an army that was about to fight him. He then sacrificed the sacrifice himself even though he was not supposed to. He lost God’s favor, and eventually God, because he didn’t trust Samuel. What a challenge for Saul!

Looking at these men and many more in the Bible where we can see God coming through, I was still nervous, wanting to trust God but not with an anxious heart. In the midst of this God was so kind to give us two words through people to let us know that we’re on “the right path,” waiting for God. He has a great and exciting future ready for us. Through the words we got from people we don’t even know, peace returned in my heart. It may seem like a small thing to you, but it is a breakthrough for me: trusting God with a heart full of faith versus trusting Him with an anxious heart.

What are the things you hope for? What words have been spoken over you but you’re still in the waiting? I want to encourage you hold on to the words spoken over your life. Don’t give up. God’s word doesn’t return void. He does what He promised. (Isaiah 55:11)

By Daniela Altorfer